Snickers Not-So-Rocky Road

~By Kate H. Knapp

Sometimes in life, all the ducks that have been flying aimlessly in circles line up in a perfect row and give you a blissful moment of pure clarity. My ducks came together in the form of a new candy bar. I have resisted gas station candy bars for quite some time now, feeling that if I’m going to eat something sweet, it will either be homemade or super snobby chocolate. This is not out of pretentiousness, but rather it’s a good way to keep me from spending all my money (and sacrificing my waistline) on something not totally satisfying.

However, today, I saw that Snickers makes a new rocky road variety, with marshmallow, almonds, caramel, and dark chocolate, and I simply couldn’t resist. Not only is this new candy bar deliciously sweet, nutty, and salty in all the right places, but when you add a sip of perfectly-brewed espresso to the mix, it’s like seeing Romeo and Juliet escape the clenches of suicide and live happily ever after. It’s that good.


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