Welcome to A Memorable Feast, a place where the memories of dishes of childhood past, meals of significant value, and items we can’t seem to live without come to live.

Food and memory are inextricably linked. A single taste or smell can transport us to days long forgotten, while a particular meal or recipe can forge bonds that transcend generations. This blog will explore the relationship between food and remembrance, between cooking and tradition, and capture how what we eat makes us who we are.

Since we have to eat every day to survive, it’s not surprising that food is one of the most underrated and often overlooked daily events. Most days, breakfast, lunch, and dinner just blur together into a haze of quick meals and forgotten foods. There are those moments, however, when we are transported back in time by a certain smell, taste, or texture, and that is when food takes on a different meaning than pure nutritional value.

Please submit your stories, and share with us those moments when food becomes memorable.

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  1. Farah Charles says:

    I know this may sound weird but whenever I see liver or hear someone talk about liver it transports me back to Saturday mornings in Port-au-Prince, Haiti when I was about 7 or 8.

    Before ballet class on Saturday mornings, I would sometimes eat boiled plantains, with liver in a sauce and tomatoes and watercress on the side. I won’t eat liver any other way.

    This is one of my happiest memories and I love getting lost in this memory every now and then at a time when life seemed endless. 🙂

  2. marissposa says:

    Great Idea Sno! I’ll try to think of something to write about. All my love, Mariposa

  3. knowledgetoday says:

    I love your site. Keep it up !

  4. Mike Johnson says:

    As you might have guessed by the slew of comments I just left, I just discovered this the other day and got caught up just now while eating lunch. Awesome idea, and I hope I can come up with something worthy of the writing you’ve collected so far.

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